Best Stormgate Beta Builds For Human Vanguard & Infernal Host

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Like with any RTS, builds are a crucial part of Stormgate. Putting down the correct buildings at the correct time and making the right army composition is key to victory. We’ve put together a list of all the best Stormgate beta builds so far to help you ease into the game and secure some wins. 

Best Human Vanguard Builds

The Human Vanguard is similar to Starcraft 2’s Terran, mixed with a bit of Warcraft 3’s Human faction. They have humans in power suits, mechs, tanks, and (not so) little robot builders. The faction is a great choice for anyone who wants to play a pretty standard Blizzard-style faction, with strong balanced units and traditional macro mechanics. 

These builds are not yet updated for April’s testing phase, but may serve as a general idea of what to do.

Here are some of the best Vanguard builds so far:

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Best Infernal Host Builds

Stormgate’s Infernal Host is a very interesting faction. They’re definitely the pick for players who like something a little different. Their units have interesting effects, like the Brute’s split and the Gaunt’s Infest, and they feature unique macro mechanics, with their buildings generating charges that can be spent to build units instantly. 

Here are some of the best Infernal builds so far:

While these builds are the most popular right now, it’s important to note that they can (and likely will) change. The beta is just a few days old and the meta is rapidly developing, meaning players are always testing and figuring out new things – what works today may end up being figured out and countered tomorrow. 

As such, we’ll stay on top of the latest builds and always keep this page and our builds up to date. Hopefully, they’ll make getting into Stormgate a bit easier and help you secure some wins – GLHF! 

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