Standard Infernal Host Mirror Opener Build Guide

infernal host mirror macro opener build guide

Getting a build down is vital for any Stormgate player, it helps you streamline the early game and gives you the highest chance at succeeding with your chosen strategy. This time, we’re looking at the standard Infernal mirror opener, here’s how it goes.

Standard Infernal Host Mirror Build

The aim of this build is to secure a fairly early expansion, while also not getting ran over by the early power of the Infernal Host. A core strength of the Infernal’s comes from the Gaunt’s Infest ability, which spawns a Fiend if an Infested unit is killed – this ability can snowball very quickly, so its important to always have your own Gaunts in the mirror match. Creeping is also very important, as it secures you extra resources and Fiends. Here’s the build order:

  • Constant Imp production
  • 0:10 Iron Vault
  • 0:25 Conclave
  • 1:00 Move 2 Imps to Therium
  • 1:10 Brute
  • 1:15 Meat Farm
  • 1:25 Gaunt, start to creep and keep producing Brutes and Gaunts when available
  • 2:30 Shrine
  • 2:30 At full Luminite saturation in the main, start rallying Imps to Therium (max total of 5)
  • 3:00 Meat Farm
  • 4:30 Upgrade Shrine to Tier 2
  • 4:45 Doombringer (Use to Gaunt drop worker lines or just for Shroud)
  • 4:45 Conclave
  • 4:45 Shadowcleft
  • 5:45 Start adding in Magmadons
  • ~6:00 Shrine at third
  • ~6:00+ Add more production and bases when needed, stay on Brute, Gaunt, Magmadon

standard infernal mirror opener

Choose your transition:
Stay on a core of: Magmadon, Brute, Gaunt (recommended)
Ground-based tech: Ritual Chamber for Weavers
Air-based tech: Twilight Spire and Ritual Chamber for Spriggans

This build will help you survive the (sometimes very fast-paced) Infernal Host mirror early game and get you into a strong economical position in the mid game. If you see your opponent has more units or a slower expansion, don’t be afraid to add some Shroudstones for defense. When it comes to the mid and late game, Magmadons are incredibly powerful in this matchup, and if you utilize the Doombringer to focus workers with Gaunts, you can get a lot of damage done. If you’re looking for other playstyles, check out our other builds!

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