Human Vanguard 1 Rax Lancer Expand Build Guide

Build orders are the bread and butter of any RTS game. Figuring out and executing a build is one of the smoothest ways to play the game as it ensures everything is lined up and you can execute your planned strategy. In this post, we’re taking a look at the Vanguard 1 Rax Lancer expand build.

Vanguard 1 Rax Lancer Expand Build

This build focuses on using Lancers to safely secure a quick expansion, followed by putting some pressure on your opponent, and then securing a third base with both a strong economy and a tough army. Currently, this build should only be used in Vanguard vs Infernal, as S.C.O.U.Ts (Dogs) are just too powerful for Lancers in the early game.

Special thanks to Mikael “Mixu” Helenius for putting together this build, you can catch him in action on Twitch.

  • Bob production
  • 0:13 Move a Bob to your main ramp
  • at 150 Luminite Overcharge and build a Barracks
  • Stop Bob production at 10 Bobs
  • S.C.O.U.T (Dog)
  • Habitat (Remember to add Habitats when near supply cap!)
  • Resume Bob production
  • Lancer (make at least 3 and creep)
  • 2:10 Move 4 Bobs to your main ramp, Overcharge, build a Command Post
  • Stop Lancer production
  • Barracks
  • Start Lancer production from 2 Barracks
  • 3:25 Rally Bobs from main to Therium
  • 3:45 Overcharge at natural and build a Barracks
  • Biokinetics Lab (when Barracks finishes, move 1 worker to the Lab)
  • Research Kinetic redirection Upgrade
  • 5:00 Upgrade to Tier 2 (at Command Post)
  • Pressure opponent third base, creep
  • 5:50 Overcharge, build Command Post at third with 4 Bobs
  • 6:00 Sentry Post at natural
  • MedTech (place inside Sentry Post to heal damaged Lancers)
  • Sentry Post at third (use Lancers for damage or MedTech for healing)

Choose your transition:

Stay on a core of: Lancer, MedTech, and add Exos (recommended)
Ground-based tech: Add Vulcans or Atlases (requires Mech Bay, and Machine Lab for Atlas)
To the skies!: Add Hornets (requires Hangar Bay)

General Tips:

  • Lancers have 2 range – you can use this to kite Brutes and hit multiple units in a line
  • Remember to kill the creep camps with your Lancers, they are bulky and dish out great damage
  • Try to hit your opponent’s third base after your initial sweep of the creep camps
  • Remember to switch out units in Sentry Posts depending on if you need damage or healing

That’s it for the 1 Rax expand. With this build you should be able to secure two quick extra bases, as well as pile on some pressure with your Lancers. It’s also quite a safe build for the matchup, as Lancers do very well against Brutes, Gaunts, and Fiends in smaller numbers – just remember to kite when needed! If you’re looking for other playstyles, check out our other builds!

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