Human Vanguard Dog Expand Build Guide

Builds are vital for any Stormgate player. They lay out what you need to do and when, giving you the best chance for success in any match. In this post, we’re looking at the Dog expand build, which is best used in the Human Vanguard mirror. Here’s how to do it.

Vanguard Dog Expand Build

As mentioned, this build is very much suited for the Vanguard mirror. Dogs will keep you safe from your opponent’s harass and allow you to put on some pressure, while you expand behind it and transition into more powerful units. It’ll set you up with a strong economy going into the mid and late game. Here’s the Dog expand build order:

  • Constant Bob production
  • 0:30 Overcharge, use 2 Bobs to build Barracks
  • 0:45 Biokinetics Lab
  • 0:45 Send 2 Bobs to Therium
  • 0:45 Dog (S.C.O.U.T), continue Dog production non-stop
  • 1:15 Start Vorillium Claws upgrade
  • 1:15 Move Therium Bobs back to Luminite at 100 Therium
  • 1:20 Habitat
  • 1:20 Use Dogs to pressure or creep
  • 2:20 Barracks
  • 2:30 Start adding in Lancers
  • 3:20 Habitat
  • 3:45 Command Post
  • 4:45 Move 4 Bobs to Therium
  • 5:00 Habitat
  • 5:20 Upgrade Command Post to Tier 2
  • 5:40 Scrapyard
  • ~6:00 Start Kinetic Redirection upgrade
  • ~6:20 Start adding in MedTechs
  • ~7:00 Command Post at third

Choose your transition:
Stay on a core of: Lancer, MedTech
Ground-based tech: Add Vulcans or Atlases (requires Mech Bay, and Machine Lab for Atlas)
To the skies!: Add Hornets (requires Hangar Bay)

vanguard dog expand build card

This build is very flexible, as investing into Vorillium Claws early gives you a ton of power on the map. If your opponent skips the upgrade your Dogs will be much more powerful and you could potentially even win the game with them, otherwise, they’re also good at creeping and picking off workers. You should be able to secure an expansion then a third, which will lead into a strong position going later into the game. If you’re interested in other playstyles, check out our other builds!

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