What Are The Stormgate Factions?

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Playable factions (aka races) are the cornerstone of any RTS. They define how the game is played and each has something unique to offer to the players. Let’s take a look at everything we know about the Stormgate factions.

What Are The Stormgate Factions?

So far, two key factions have been revealed in Stormgate. The first is the Human Vanguard. This is a group of Humans on future earth, utilizing advanced technology and mechs to defend and retake their planet. 

The second is the Infernal Host. This faction is composed of Infernals (somewhat resembling demons) that represent a wild and unpredictable ‘evil’ element. They use magic to take over planets and assimilate interesting races and technology into their faction, making them dangerous and ever-evolving. 

Stormgate’s third faction is still unrevealed. However, there are many theories surrounding what it could be. Considering that Stormgate is a “Blizzard style RTS”, we’re likely to see a ‘good’ faction – maybe one that is constantly battling the Infernal Hosts. Think something like Night Elves from Warcraft or Protoss from Starcraft. 

Stormgate mech concept art.

How Many Factions Are There In Stormgate?

A key question surrounding Stormgate factions is always the number. As the game is heavily inspired by Blizzard RTS’, Stormgate will likely lean towards a lower number of factions. 

So far, two factions are confirmed – the Human Vanguard and the Infernal Host. A third, currently unrevealed, faction will also be coming to the game. Beyond that, it’s unknown exactly how many factions we’ll get. 

In various interviews, the Frost Giant team have stated “two plus” as a response to the faction question. Meaning we’ll see more than two factions, but there is no specified cap. However, the game will become increasingly more difficult to balance as the number of factions increases, so there is unlikely to be a massive amount.

december newsletter infernal host concept art
Concept art of Stormgate’s Infernal Hosts.

Does Stormgate Have Sub-Factions?

Sub-factions are another key Stormgate talking point. They are essentially extensions of existing factions with some variations. This can be different units, buildings, or even a unique way to play the faction altogether. 

So far, there hasn’t been a confirmation of sub-factions being in the game. However, Frost Giant’s Kevin Dong did say that sub-factions are something the team is experimenting with. 

They may not be part of all the game modes, or even exist at all at release, but for now it’s a definite possibility. With that being said, they’re more likely to appear in the more experimental modes like 3v3 and co-op, rather than 1v1 competitive. 

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