When is The Stormgate Beta?

Since their original announcement in 2020, Frost Giant have kept RTS fans excited and hungry for their new game. With Stormgate’s official reveal earlier this year, we now know a bit about what’s coming and when – but when exactly is the Stormgate beta date?

Stormgate Beta Date

RTS fans around the world are eager to try out Stormgate as soon as possible. A beta has already been confirmed and we are just counting down the days until we finally get our hands on the latest RTS title. 

Luckily, the wait will not be very long for some. The Frost Giant team revealed that the next phase of the closed beta will be kick off on April 30! Being a closed beta, this still means there are limited slots, but it will open up further as development continues.

We’ll keep this page updated with the latest details, however as of 13 April 2024, the next stage of closed beta testing has been announced!

Stormgate mech concept art.

How to Get Stormgate Beta

If you want to get your hands on the Stormgate beta, you only really have one option at the moment. Register your interest on the official Stormgate website, then wait and hope you’re one of the lucky ones once we are closer to the beta date. 

Update: You can also fill in this survey to increase your odds of getting access. And if you’re willing to pay for it, you can back Stormgate on Indiegogo for beta access.

With that being said, we’ll probably see plenty of opportunities to earn beta access closer to the time and even during the beta. There’s a real possibility of things like pre-order bonuses, social media giveaways, Twitch drop campaigns, and more which could all give beta access. 

While we’re waiting, you should also remember to wishlist the game on Steam. While this (likely) does not increase your chances of getting beta access, it does help the game, and we should all do what we can to support the future of RTS! 

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