Human Vanguard 2 Rax Expand Build Guide

Securing a good start with a strong build is the bread and butter of any RTS. It’s much the same in Stormgate, so we’re highlighting a standard opener that Human Vanguard can use against the Infernal. Here’s our breakdown of the 2 Rax expand.

Vanguard 2 Rax Expand Build

The 2 Rax expand is a strong opener for Vanguard vs Infernal, it creates strong map pressure, while allowing you to take an expansion. It can do economical damage or even win you the game against an unprepared Infernal, although the core of the build is to safely reach the mid-game. Here’s the 2 Rax expand build order:

  • Constantly produce workers
  • 0:25 Build Barracks
  • 0:55 Build Barracks
  • 01:05 Train Lancer (Make 3 Lancers and creep the map or pressure opponent)
  • 01:10 Build Habitat
  • 02:50 Build Command post (Use 4 Bobs to powerbuild)
  • 03:15 Start double Bob production; add in more Lancers
  • 03:30 Add three Bobs to Therium
  • 04:00 Build Bio Lab (start Kinetic Redirection upgrade when its done)
  • ~05:20 At this point you should be able to afford constant Bob & Lancer production – remember to add Habitats when needed
  • ~05:50 Pressure with Lancers as Kinetic Redirection finishes
  • ~06:30 Command Post (Use 3-4 Bobs to powerbuild); add 2 more Bobs to Therium
  • ~07:40 Build 2 Barracks, start adding Exos
  • ~08:30 Upgrade a Command Post to Tier 2; start adding MedTechs

Choose your transition:
Stay on a core of: Lancer, Exo, MedTech
Ground-based tech: Add Vulcans or Atlases (requires Mech Bay, and Machine Lab for Atlas)
To the skies!: Add Hornets (requires Hangar Bay)

stormgate beta 2 rax expand build

And that’s that for the Vanguard 2 Rax expand build. Essentially, you want to utilize the strength of Lancers against Infernal in the early game to secure an expansion and a third base. Then you can start adding more juicy units like Exos and MedTechs, and eventually Vulcans or other powerful late game units. If you’re struggling against early attacks (or just want to play it safe) you can create a Sentry Post at your natural with a Lancer inside. Make sure to check out our other builds!

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