Infernal Host Proxy Vault & Conclave Rush Build Guide

Build orders are vital in Stormgate, they ensure you get a good start to the game with a solid, pre-planned strategy. Some builds aim to set players up for the long game, while other want to close things out in minutes. This time, we’re looking at the latter, with a breakdown of the Infernal Host proxy Vault and Conclave build.

Infernal Proxy Vault & Conclave Rush Build

This is an Infernal vs Infernal only build, aiming to quickly close out the game. The goal of the build is to build early Brutes and Gaunts on the map, quickly clear out some creep camps, and overwhelm your opponent with the extra Fiends. Here’s the build order:

  • 0:00 Imp
  • 0:00 Send 2 Imps across the map, find a good spot for Iron Vault and Conclave in the middle of the map, preferably near a creep camp
  • 0:15 Send 1 Imp across the map, it will build a second Conclave next to your other proxies
  • 0:17 Imp
  • 0:30 First Iron Vault and Conclave
  • 0:45 Second Conclave
  • 0:50 Imp
  • 1:15 Send 2 Imps to Therium (your first Vault and Conclave should be around 70% done)
  • 1:30 Brute and Gaunt, start creeping
  • 1:40 Meat Farm
  • 1:45 Gaunt (train before the first creep dies!)
  • 1:45+ Creep until you have 4 Gaunts, then attack your opponent

vault and conclave proxy rush build

You should be able to outright win the game if you manage to creep up a few camps and attack your opponent. Creeping is very important for this build, as it gives you extra Fiends for each enemy killed – this will give you a lot of extra firepower.  If you don’t manage to win with the initial attack, you can attempt to regroup and go for another quick push. However, as this build cuts a lot of workers in favor of early units, you may have to tap out if you don’t get any damage done. Make sure to check out our other builds for other options!

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