You Can Now Own a Piece of Frost Giant Through Their Crowd-Equity Campaign

stormgate startengine campaign

Frost Giant Studios have launched a crowd-equity campaign on StartEngine, allowing anyone to invest in the studio and “own a piece of Frost Giant.” 

But what exactly does this mean and how does it work? We’ll break it down below.

Frost Giant Launch Crowd-Equity Campaign on StartEngine

Announced by Frost Giant on Feb 19, the studio has launched a crowd-equity campaign on StartEngine. This is a platform that allows anyone to invest in startups and early-growth companies, becoming shareholders in those companies. You can learn more on the StartEngine page.

CEO Tim Morten dubs this crowd-equity campaign as a “strategic partnership with the community” which will allow fans of the studio and Stormgate to own a piece of the game, as well as help support it. 

Why Frost Giant Are Raising Funds

You might be thinking – “well why does Frost Giant need to do this? They already had a strong Kickstarter!” And that’s a good question. Tim Morten explains that Frost Giant’s crowd-equity campaign will have a direct impact on the studio, with the funds being used to “bolster a strategic marketing campaign, setting the stage for Stormgate’s Early Access launch this summer.”

Stormgate recently made headlines by becoming the second most-played game at Steam Next Fest and now sits in the top 40 on the Steam wishlist ranking. The game also saw its first-ever major esports event take place in mid-February, with the EGC Stormgate open giving us a peek into Stormgate esports action. All this plays a part in highlighting current interest in the game. 

Essentially, this is a chance to become a shareholder in Frost Giant Studios and help the studio raise funds to kick off a marketing campaign for Stormgate’s early access. While this may sound like an amazing opportunity if you’re a fan, please remember to do your research and that all investments carry risk. This post is not financial or investment advice.

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