How Stormgate Plans To Develop Post-Launch

stormgate post launch

One of the biggest drawbacks of even the biggest RTS titles was game content. Usually, a game would be released and would get an expansion or two, but otherwise not see many changes other than balance patches or bug fixes.

This is something the Frost Giant team aims to tackle with Stormgate, already having planned out an extensive post-launch timeline. 

Stormgate Seasons And Other Post-Launch Content

In a range of interviews and their Reddit discussions, Frost Giant have already revealed plans to tackle the content drought most RTS games face. Stormgate itself is created with the long-term in mind, currently this means the game will be free to play, offer players multiple ways to support the developers, and will see a consistent cycle of content releases. 

The most important aspect of this for players is the promise of updates at regular, seasonal, intervals. This means Stormgate will see regular seasons throughout the year, much like in many other games, and there will be new content released with each season. 

will stormgate have heroes

It’s not currently clear what kind of content will be released, although it could be anything from cosmetics to new maps, campaign missions, features, units, races, and much more. Considering the game is planned for longevity, we can definitely expect each seasonal update to be worthwhile and a key point for getting players to play the game. 

In addition, the Frost Giant team also confirmed Stormgate will not have any pay-to-win elements. 

The Quality of Stormgate Beta and Launch

With a ton of content already planned post-launch, there may be some concerns regarding the game’s beta and eventual launch. After all – why can’t all the content just be in the game? 

The Infernal Hosts are one of Stormgate’s playable races.

The answer is simple, the game is set to release with a “core set of content, features, and polish level” – meaning that many key features will be in the game, while there will be more to come. For example, we can expect things like a campaign, a ladder, a replay system, and other RTS stapes. However, we’ll still see the addition of new campaign missions, units, races, etc. down the line. 

As for the beta, the goal for Frost Giant is mostly to test things out. This means testing load on servers, testing core gameplay features – basically making sure everything works with tons of different real people playing around with it. If you want to take part in the beta, make sure to sign up!

All in all, the future certainly looks bright for Stormgate. The Frost Giant team clearly has a plan in mind to make the game a long term success and hopefully it’ll be just that! 

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