Infernal Host 1 Vault Expand Build Guide

infernal host 1 vault expand build

Builds are vital to any RTS game and its much the same for Stormgate. Executing a proper build can very much be the difference between a win or a loss, so we’ve made things a little easier by putting together a simple Infernal vs Vanguard build order. The 1 Vault expand will get you through the early game and into a strong economical position going into the mid and late game –  here’s what you need to do.

Infernal 1 Vault Expand Build

This is a strong, and pretty standard, opener for Infernal vs Vanguard. It keeps you safe against Vanguard aggression, as well as giving you the opportunity to get out on the map if your opponent isn’t putting on pressure. However, the main goal is to secure a fast expansion, followed by a quick third and teching up. Here’s the 1 Vault expand build order:

  • Constant worker production
  • 0:10 Iron Vault
  • 0:15 Meat Farm (to protect from Dog harass, can be delayed)
  • 01:10 Brute (send to Scout)
  • 1:40 Shrine and add Brutes when possible, go creep if there is no opponent pressure
  • 2:25 Conclave, send one Imp to Therium
  • 3:25 Add 2 more Imps to Therium (total 3)
  • 3:25 Start training Gaunts
  • 4:00 Shrine, Shroudstone at third expansion
  • 5:00 Upgrade Shrine to Tier 2
  • 5:00 Add  2 more Imps to Therium (total 3), build a Shadowcleft,
  • 6:40 Start rallying half your Imps to second Therium (5 total)
  • 6:40 Build Iron Vault, start adding Magmadons

Choose your transition:
Stay on a core of: Magmadon, Brute, Gaunt
Ground-based tech: Ritual Chamber for Weavers
Air-based tech: Twilight Spire and Ritual Chamber for Spriggans

1 vault expand infernal build

If you follow this build, you should be able to reach the midgame safely and with a strong economy. Just keep in mind that the timings can change depending on the state of the game. For example, if your opponent is being extra aggressive, you may need to invest into extra army or Shroudstones and slow down your third base. If you’re looking for other options, check out our other builds!

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