Stormgate Liquipedia Goes Live; Beta Tournaments Underway 

stormgate liquipedia opens

While news surrounding Stormgate slowed down over the holidays, popular gaming wiki Liquipedia announced their brand new Stormgate section! The site will now be tracking Stormgate tournament results, roster moves, and much more. 

Stormgate Liquipedia Reveals Beta Tournaments

Like just about every popular esports title, Stormgate now has its own Liquipedia section. This will be used to track tournaments, transfers, players, statistics, patches, and more. Essentially, if you want to find the juicy details about Stormgate esports, Liquipedia will have you covered. 

In fact, they’ve already shown off some tournaments that have been going on behind closed doors. The current beta test is under NDA, so players aren’t allowed to share anything that’s going on. 

stormgate top 8 tanc
It looks like the Infernals are tearing up the Stormgate beta.


However, it looks like Liquipedia have been allowed to start updating their pages, which include a treasure trove of tournament results. Most notably, a weekly event called “The Alpha Navigators Cup” has been going on, pitting the best of the best of each region against each other. 

It also looks like this event will have a seasonal final sometime in the future, featuring the best Stormgate players of the previous cups, via a points system. 

Other than that, the Stormgate section is still lacking in details. With the game being in closed beta it’s no surprise, but we’ll definitely see things ramp up closer to release

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