New Stormgate Art, Units, Characters, and More Revealed

Frost Giant dropped a plethora of new Stormgate content ahead of their PC Gaming Show gameplay reveal, covering everything from concept art to units, characters, and much more. 

Here’s everything Stormgate-related that was revealed on May 29.

Human Resistance Units and Buildings

If you’re someone who’s purely focused on gameplay, then you’ll love all the new Human Resistance images. We have units, buildings, and even characters that will presumably feature in the campaign.

Stormgate Lancer
The Lancer.

The Lancer is one of the newly revealed units. He looks to be a melee soldier with a large high-tech sword. 

The Evac.
The Evac.

We’ve seen the Evac before, in images when Stormgate was first revealed. However, we now have a name – the Evac, which seems to be a straightforward dropship. 

Stormgate vulcan
The Vulcan, now in blue!

The Vulcan is another unit we’ve seen before, aka the Minigun Mech. We don’t know more about it, but it does look cool. 

Skyrider stormgate
The Skyrider.

The other new unit is the Skyrider. It’s a flying mech with some sort of energy core in the middle. The Vulcan also looks to have a mana (or energy) bar, so it may be some kind of spellcaster – possibly similar to Starcraft’s Science Vessel.  

Barracks and Biokinetics Lab

We’ve seen these two buildings before, although the Barracks has definitely seen some changes. It’s safe to assume (from the names) that the Barracks will train non-mech units, while the Biokinetics Lab will be used for upgrades or as a tech building.

Machine Factory and Mech Bay

We saw the Machine Factory before in the Valentine’s Day preview, however the Mech Bay is completely new. Once again, these look to be a pair, although it’s not certain which will produce the units and which provides upgrades or acts as a tech building. 

Therium Refinery
Stormgate Therium Refinery
The Therium Refinery.

Last but not least is the Therium Refinery. By name alone, we can assume that this interacts with one of the resources in the game, presumably one called Therium. We don’t have much beyond that, but it looks like the refinery shreds it up real good. 

Human Resistance Characters

We got a look at four different characters in this content drop, although one is clearly highlighted more than the others. Amara receives a pretty high-quality art piece – she looks to be a gritty character, covered in dirt and a large scar. 

Stormgate Amara.

Considering she is the only one named so far, Amara will likely be a key character in the story, although we don’t really know anything about her yet, other than that she looks pretty badass. The other three males are still unknown entities, though two look like soldiers, while the other is a scientist. 

Popular fan theories speculate that the scene with the scientist is the opening of the first Stormgate, but we can’t say anything for sure at the moment. However, it is clear that there is a defined roster of story characters already. 

Concept Art and In-game Screenshots

Last but not least we have a good amount of concept art and in-game screenshots. The key info here comes in the form of the game setting, of which we have been given two names. 

So far we’ve seen screenshots of a largely green location, known as the “Hinterlands”, and Frost Giant have also revealed the “Deadlands” – a rough desert-like landscape. 

Other than that we have an interesting pairing of images, something that looks like a before and after in a laboratory. Again this is presumably the events of the first Stormgate being opened and the Infernal Hosts invading. 

Last but not least we have the famous chicken. 

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