Stormgate Graven Unit Revealed

stormgate graven unit revealed

We’ve been waiting patiently for the reveal of Stormgate’s third faction at the PC Gaming Show, however, Frost Giant have hit us with a surprise reveal. The first-ever Tier 3 unit has just been revealed – the Human Vanguard’s Graven.

Human Vanguard Graven Revealed as First Tier 3 Unit

Revealed by Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski on YouTube, the Graven is the first Tier 3 unit we have set our eyes on. It’s an anti-light specialist unit that is very mobile and absolutely packed with cool spells and abilities.

Graven Spells, Skills, and Abilities


  • Adaptive camouflage: The Graven enters stealth when out of combat and still for one second.
  • Ambush: The first attack from stealth deals double damage.
  • Adrenaline rush: The Graven gains 25% increased attack and movement speed for a limited time when killing a target.


  • Phase Shift: Blinks to a target location and immediately stealths. (25 Energy, 10 second cooldown)
  • Sticky Bomb: Throws a bomb at a target unit or location. After 3 seconds, it will explode, dealing 50 damage and leaving behind goop that slows all units in the area. (50 Energy, 20 second cooldown)
  • Infiltrate: After a short duration, deal 25% of a target structures max health as damage, reveal the structure for 2 minutes, an disable the salvage ability. Afterwards, the Graven teleports to the nearest player-controlled structure. Additional effects occur depending on the type of structure:
    • Command structures: Steals 100 Luminite and 50 Therium. Disables the owner’s top bar for 1 minute.
    • Production and research structures: Slows training and research by 200% for 30 seconds.
    • Supply and defensive structures: Destroys the structure.
    • Constructing structures: Slows construction by 200% for 30 seconds.

As we can see, there’s a lot to this unit! It has incredible harass potential, high mobility, and stealth. It looks like it may become very difficult (or annoying) to deal with, or its also possible it’ll be a late-game niche. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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