Stormgate Early Access Coming in Summer 2024

stormgate early access date

Some huge news has come out of The Game Awards, with the Stormgate trailer showing that Stormgate early access will be coming in Summer 2024! Revealed by none other than Simu Liu live at the event. 

Simu Liu Unveils Stormgate Trailer at The Game Awards

Hollywood star Simu Liu, known for roles in Shang-Chi, Kim’s Convenience, and Barbie, took to the stage at The Game Awards to reveal Stormgate’s new trailer! The short video showed off some in-game & narrative footage and, most importantly, revealed that Stormgate is entering early access in Summer 2024! 

Alongside revealing the trailer, it has also been confirmed that Simu will play a central role in Stormgate, voicing Warz – a leader of the Infernal Host army. We saw a very brief preview of him near the end of the trailer. 

Going back to the trailer itself, we finally got a look at some Stormgate lore. We saw the opening of (presumably) the first Stormgate and the start of the Infernal Host invasion, with a horde of Shadowflyers exiting the portal site. 

Chris Metzen Helping Write Stormgate Story

Warcraft and Starcraft fans may be excited to hear that one of the original designers of both game’s universes, Chris Metzen is helping to create the story of Stormgate. 

Not much has been revealed about his involvement, although with Chris recently returning to Blizzard his role is most likely a minor one or as an advisor, rather than someone with control over the story. 

stormgat warz
A leader of the Infernal Host, Warz.

Regardless, his years of experience will definitely come in handy for the Stormgate team, so fans of story and lore have a lot to look forward to! 

If you’re interested in playing the Stormgate beta or unlocking exclusive goodies, make sure to check out the Stormgate Kickstarter!

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