PartinG Wins EGC Stormgate Open

parting wins egc stormgate open

The first-ever Stormgate esports event has come to a close, with the EGC Open crowning a winner on Feb 18 – Won “PartinG” Lee-sak! Let’s take a look at how it all went down.

PartinG Takes Down Vortix 5-3 To Claim First EGC Stormgate Open Trophy

After two weeks of exciting Stormgate action, 512 players were whittled down to just 2 as PartinG and Juan “VortiX” Durán faced off in the best of nine grand final on Feb 18. The two players came in as some of the biggest favorites, both dominating on the Stormgate ladder and bringing years of elite-level RTS experience to the game.

VortiX drew first blood in the series, taking game 1 with a solid mid-late game performance on Broken Crown. PartinG then struck back with force, securing three quick wins with strong aggressive play and impressive Doombringer micro, bringing the series to 3-1. However, VortiX would not go down without a fight, again picking Broken Crown and out multitasking PartinG to secure a convincing win in the midgame.

This was followed by more back and forth action, with classic Infernal mirror volatility. Both players took a map each in just a few minutes, bringing the series to 4-3 in favor of PartinG and setting up series point on Jagged Maw. Unfortunately for VortiX, this is where his run came to an end – a failed catapult push forced VortiX to gg out early, crowning PartinG as the first EGC Stormgate champion!

Congratulations to PartinG! We’re looking forward to seeing more Stormgate esports action as the game continues to develop.

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