New Infernal Host Hero Warz Gameplay Revealed

As we head ever-closer to early access, Frost Giant has given us another sneak peek at upcoming content! This time we saw an all-new hero that will be added to Stormgate – Warz. Here’s everything we know about him so far.

Stormgate Warz Hero Revealed

Revealed at Gamescom LATAM on June 26, Warz is dubbed as the “Fallen Celestial” and enters Stormgate as an Infernal Host hero. Frost Giant shared a short preview, which highlights his abilities and in-game look:

It looks like Warz has four abilties, as well as what looks to be a unique army (these aren’t confirmed, just what we’ve gleamed from the video):

  • Reap the Harvest – Warz throws his scythe to a target area – it spins in place and damages enemies.
  • Infest Netherblade – Warz enchants his Netherblade, allowing his attacks to do damage in a large area and apply Infest to enemies hit.
  • Darkspeed – Warz dashes to a target location at high speed. (May have 2 or more charges)
  • Infernal Avatar – Makes Warz grow in size, applies Infest Netherblade, and allows his attacks to hit all enemies near him. (May be an ultimate)
  • Void Army – Gives Brutes, Spriggans, and Weavers a cool purple glow – and probably some other effects!

Other than that, we do see some gameplay, which looks to have new maps and (presumably neutral) units. There’s also what looks to be a new hero briefly at 0:50, although its difficult to tell for sure. We’ll just have to wait for more reveals or early access to find out more!

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