New Stormgate Art & In-game Screenshots Revealed in Washington Post Article

It’s been a while since the last piece of new Stormgate content, however we finally have something to get excited about again! The Washington Post released an article on Stormgate, giving us some concept art, insights on development, and even an in-game screenshot.

In-game Screenshot Shows Off Human Resistance Buildings and Units

One of the biggest reveals from the Washington Post article is a brand new in-game screenshot. It shows two Human Resistance buildings, as well as a few units

The two mechs we’ve already seen before – these are the minigun mechs from previous reveals. There is also what looks to be a simple ‘marine’ unit (just a soldier with a rifle). However, the last human unit is the most interesting (the one pointing) – it seems to be giving orders to what looks like a Hawk. Perhaps this will be some sort of scouting unit. 

As for the buildings, they look somewhat like launch pads, or maybe platforms for the experimental 3D printing mechanic that Frost Giant have touched on before. They may be production buildings specifically for mech units. 

Last but not least, the screenshot also gives us some idea of scaling – the mechs are huge!

New Stormgate Concept Art and Development Photos

There are also a few other images in the article, which shed some light on the development process, both showing how the game used to look in a very early state, as well as some concept art. 

First things first, we saw a “greybox” prototype of the game. This is a very early testing platform where you can see how things may work, but it has very little detail. With that being said, it does still show a lot about what the game used to look like.

For example, it shows a mission objective, in this case protecting the Homestead in a 3vE co-op mode, resources, building armor and types, as well as the name of a unit, “Nomad.”

The article then goes on to show a few images of the office, as well as a piece of concept art. This is where things turn fully to the Infernal Hosts – we see the team working on art for the flying eyeballs, a four-legged ‘hellhound-like’ creature, as well as concept art for the Infernal Host Imp worker

Interestingly enough, the worker looks to have an “ignited state” where it is fully ablaze and turns from everyone’s favorite lovable worker to an angry, fiery demon. This may be an attacking mechanic for the worker, similar to Warcraft 3’s Human Peasants Militia, which gives the workers some swords and armor to fight with. 

Frost Giant’s Backstory 

Moving past all the shiny and new images, it’s also important to look at the actual content of the article. There isn’t anything new relating to the game itself, however, the article does summarize Frost Giant’s story so far and give some insight into the lives of the team. It’s well worth reading! 

That’s about it for the new content. As always, stay tuned for more updates and make sure to wishlist Stormgate on Steam

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