MaNa Wins Stormgate Showdown at DreamHack Atlanta

mana wins stormgate showdown dreamhack atlanta

The first-ever Stormgate esports matches took place at DreamHack Atlanta on December 17, as the Stormgate Showdown showed off the game with two showmatches. 

RTS legends Dario “TLO” Wünsch, Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz, and Jang “Moon” Jae-ho faced off in front of a live audience, with MaNa being crowned the champion. Let’s take a look at the details.

Stormgate Showdown Results

The Stormgate Showdown kicked off with TLO vs MaNa in a Human Vanguard vs Infernal Host matchup. Despite a 2-0 victory for MaNa, the match was actually quite close. Both maps featured a lot of back and forth, with MaNa doing his best to put on some early pressure, being pushed back by TLO’s Hedgehogs, and finally ending the game with an overwhelming mid-game push. 

We saw a lot of interesting interactions, from early Vanguard Scout vs Infernal Host Brutes and Fiends, to battles over creep camps, Fiends tearing down buildings, and epic mech vs demon action! 

By winning against TLO, MaNa secured a finals match against Moon. This time we saw an Infernal Host mirror and MaNa once again overwhelmed his opponent with a combination of early pressure and strong pushes. 

In game one, MaNa started piling on the pressure from the get-go, sending Brutes across the map while expanding and forcing Moon to play defensively while MaNa secured map control. He was able to leverage this map control to take more creep camps and secure more expansions, before a deadly Fiend attack demolished Moon’s third base. 

stormgate human gameplay
Stormgate Human Resistance gameplay.

From there MaNa was in the driver’s seat, and after building a strong Magamdon army, moved in for the kill thanks to his economic advantage. 

The aggression didn’t slow down on map two, with both players amassing Brutes after going for a fast expansion. They passed each other with their first few Brutes and were faced with a mini base trade, however, both managed to utilize the defender’s advantage to hold off the initial attacks with little losses.

However, this is where MaNa pulled ahead. While both were busy attacking the other, MaNa managed to set up an early third base and delay Moon’s third. This, again, secured him an economic advantage and the Polish player was able to overwhelm the Korean legend to secure a 2-0 victory.  

Congratulations to MaNa for becoming the first-ever Stormgate champion! 

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