Stormgate Esports Plans Revealed: Global Championship, Regional Leagues

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Frost Giant have revealed the plans for Stormgate esports heading into early access and beyond, and we’re excited to share what’s in store for our favorite RTS. We can expect some big things, so let’s get right into it!

Note: These are forward-looking plans and subject to change. 

Stormgate Esports to Kick off in Early Access; Go Full Throttle in 2025

First revealed (rather low-key) at a Korean Stormgate event with Kakao Games, Frost Giant have now confirmed to us at Stormgate Hub their plans for the Stormgate esports scene. This includes supporting grassroots esports, global championships, regional leagues, and more!

Grassroots Esports – 2024

Frost Giant have confirmed that for 2024 their focus will remain on grassroot esports. The studio will support community groups that plan to organize Stormgate events, but likely largely streer clear of hosting many events themselves. With that said, they may participate in esports events at gaming exhibitions or trade shows (Gamescom, anyone?), although no further details were revealed.

Kakao Games to Host Stormgate Events in Korea 

While Frost Giant are sticking to the grassroots approach, their Korean publishing partner may take a different path. It has been confirmed that Kakao are planning to “operate various activities in Korea around Stormgate.” Again, no specifics have been announced, but we can expect to hear more in the future. Perhaps we’ll see competitive tournaments and even leagues rise up in the region.

Global Championship – 2024

The most exciting news is that Stormgate will be getting a global championship at the end of 2024! The event will see the best of the best compete to determine who is the best Stormgate player in the world. Details are, again, still to be announced.

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Regional Leagues – 2025

Looking to the future, 2025 will see Stormgate esports really come into its own. We’ll be getting regional leagues where players can compete to see who is the best in their region. There are plans for six leagues, which will likely include North America, South America, Europe (or EMEA), Oceania, Korea, and Asia, although nothing is confirmed beyond there being six regional leagues.

Global Championship – 2025

Last but not least, there are plans for another global championship in mid-2025. Regional leagues will directly feed into this championship, so by 2025 we’ll see a bit of structure come into the Stormgate esports ecosystem. As you might expect by this point in the post, full details are still yet to be confirmed.

That’s that for Stormgate’s esports plans for now. As you can see, there’s a lot on the horizon! We’re very excited to see what’s to come for Stormgate esports and it seems there are real plans already in motion to set up a proper competitive environment.

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