How to Get Stormgate Beta Access

how to get stormgate beta

Stormgate is a brand new Real-Time Strategy game created by Frost Giant Studios – a team of RTS fans and experts. It’s been touted as the future of RTS and so far looks to be one of the highlights of the upcoming games calendar. While the release is still far off, it’s already possible to try to secure your spot in the upcoming testing period – here’s how you can get Stormgate beta access. 

When Is The Stormgate Beta?

Good news Stormgate fans! The Stormgate beta was revealed to be coming in December 2023. After a short period of alpha testing, the beta is finally confirmed, this means many players will be able to try out the game, although still under NDA. 

With that said, a closed beta still means limited slots, so not everyone will have access – find out how to get the beta below! Hopefully, further announcements are just around the corner and even more slots will be available soon.  

stormgate in game
Early Stormgate Alpha footage.

How To Get Stormgate Beta

There are limited ways to get access and you only have two options. First, if you want to be in with a chance to get into the Stormgate beta when it launches, all you need to do is head to the official website, enter your email, and click ‘sign up for beta!’ You can also take it one step further and fill out this survey to increase your odds of getting a key.

After that, you’ll have to wait and see. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get an email with beta access closer to the release date

Fans could previously back Stormgate on Kickstarter for beta access, although this has now finished. However, Frost Giant have confirmed they will be accepting late backers, meaning it will soon be possible to pay for beta access (and other goodies!). You can do so now on Indiegogo!

While you’re at it, also remember to wishlist the game on Steam. It won’t get you beta access, but it’s a massive help for the game and all it takes is a few clicks. 

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