Will Stormgate Have Heroes?

will stormgate have heroes

There are still many questions left unanswered regarding Frost Giant’s upcoming RTS. One of the biggest that has been constantly discussed is: Will Stormgate have heroes? 

Frost Giant have already commented on the matter, so let’s take a look at the possibility of heroes in the game and some details behind the game design decision of including or excluding heroes. 

Will There Be Heroes in Stormgate?

With Stormgate set to enter beta in mid-2023, fans are keen to know about a divisive topic, heroes. We now know that heroes will be coming to Stormgate in 3 player modes and co-op.

However, there are many types of hero units introduced in RTS, from Warcraft 3’s incredibly powerful and polarizing heroes to Age of Empire’s minor but helpful hero units. Let’s take a look at which type will we get in Stormgate.

Stormgate mech concept art.

How Powerful Will Heroes Be In Stormgate?

In a variety of interviews, lead game designer Kevin “Monk” Dong confirmed that Stormgate, at the time of writing, will have heroes. Additionally, he explained the type of hero units the game will have. 

Stormgate’s heroes won’t be polarizing, but they also won’t be weak. Each hero will fit their faction and will be strong enough to be well worth using, but not strong enough to change the way the game is played. 

Monk even gave a good example of this, suggesting hero units may be similar in strength to Starcraft 2’s Mothership Core (although a more fun version). This means they’ll have useful abilities and be able to help out in combat, but not completely able to turn the tide of a heavily losing battle. 

As expected, there have been mixed reactions to this news. Some fans love heroes, while others hate them. However, Frost Giant will be aiming to add a fresh touch to hero units, so hopefully they’ll fit right into the game and make each match that much more exiting! 

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