New Stormgate Gameplay Revealed: Vulcan, Lancer & Atlas

new stormgate gameplay

June 11 was definitely a highlight for Stormgate fans, with Frost Giant releasing a first-ever look at pre-alpha gameplay. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there, as even more Stormgate gameplay has been revealed! 

Extended Look at Vulcan Gameplay

Just a few days after the initial gameplay reveal, RTS influencers have been sharing extended footage of certain Stormgate units. These provide additional information about the unit, as well as a detailed highlight of how they look and work.

Starcraft 2 creator Winter kicked things off with a short video on the Vulcan – everyone’s favorite machine gun mech. 

Shared on Twitter, his video shows some extra Vulcan gameplay, with the units clearing a creep camp, while explaining that their gun takes time to spin up to maximum power. This is followed by showcasing their Jump Jets ability, which propels them forward and allows them to not lose their spin-up time (which is lost upon regular movement). 

All-New Stormgate Atlas Gameplay

French creator Zuka shared an all-new look at Atlas gameplay on YouTube, showing off a ton of cool stuff about the unit. 

We get a cleaner look at the firing animation, including confirmation that it’s able to target the ground, as well as destroy trees. The video also shows the Atlas in action, using two different modes of fire against a group of Vulcans and Exos, and it looks pretty awesome. 

A Closer Look At Stormgate’s Lancer

Last but not least, we got a look at Stormgate Lancer gameplay, shared by QueenE. The video shows that despite not being the flashiest unit, the Lancer definitely has a defined spot as a tank unit for the Human Resistance faction. 

The units seem to do fairly strong melee damage and have an upgrade that allows them to mitigate some damage. This is shown when a group of Lancers are fired upon by two Atlas’ and take little damage – it may well be that despite not being a bulky mech, it’ll be worth having some lancers to soak up damage. 

That’s about it for the newest Stormgate gameplay reveals. As always, make sure to wishlist the game on Steam if you haven’t, and stay tuned for any updates – alpha testing is almost here! 

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