Stormgate Tournament Collective Launches to Grow Esports Scene

Stormgate may still be in beta, but that doesn’t mean that esports is out of the question. In fact, there have already been multiple small tournaments and the first-ever major event is taking place in February. This is why the Stormgate Tournament Collective has been launched, giving just about anyone interested in Stormgate esports a place to grow together.

The Stormgate Tournament Collective

Launched by Sebastian “Adico” Quintanilla, the Stormgate Tournament Collective is a place to help grow Stormgate esports. As described by Adico:

The key idea is to foster collaboration and networking for up-and-coming TOs, casters, observers, content creators, and everyone who works behind the scenes, either as a volunteer or professionally. Doing so will help the scene grow more naturally and give players, creators, and TOs a place where they can share their projects.

The server is open to all organizers, no matter if you are just running locals, $0 prize events, or $10k massive international tournaments, you are all welcome in!

You can join the Discord server to get involved and keep up to date with the latest happenings in Stormgate esports, as well as chat with others that have an interest in growing the scene. This includes everyone from tournament organizers, to players, casters, people who want to help out, or just fans.

If you are interested in hosting tournaments, we’d recommend checking out Adico’s guide. It covers everything from hosting platforms to formats, structures, rules, and more!

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