What is Stormgate? 

what is stormgate

A new age of Real-Time Strategy is upon us, with Frost Giant Studios revealing their brand new game, Stormgate. But what is Stormgate? We’ll take a look at everything revealed so far about the new RTS.

Stormgate – A New Era of RTS

Stormgate is Frost Giant’s RTS title and the new studio’s first entry into the gaming world. The game is set to “bring back Real Time Strategy” – being a new, exciting, and welcoming addition to the genre. 

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and will play much like other Blizzard RTS games. There will be multiple races, campaigns, maps, units, stories, and much more. As usual, players will gather resources, build bases, train units and go head to head against the AI or other players. 

Unlike most traditional RTS, however, Stormgate promises to bring something different. There will be a much bigger focus on the social aspect, with Stormgate being dubbed as a “social RTS.” 

what is stormgate
Early Stormgate gameplay footage.

This includes support for things like extensive custom and arcade games, co-op modes, and multiplayer pvp modes which focus on objectives rather than pure elimination. There’s set to be something for everyone, from hardcore RTS fans to casual players, and even players new to the genre altogether. 

What Is The Stormgate Release Date?

So far, there is no concrete release date for Stormgate. The game is still in development, although we know that beta will be coming in mid-2023, so there’s potential for a release as early as 2024. 

With that being said, plans can change and we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet. However, we can get excited for a potential beta and wishlist the game on Steam, as well as sign up for the beta on the official website

What Platforms is Stormgate Coming To?

Stormgate will be a PC exclusive and is currently only available on Steam. 

When is The Stormgate Beta? 

Stormgate will enter beta in mid-2023. 

Is Stormgate Free to Play?

Stormgate will be free to play, but will feature non-pay to win in-game purchases. 

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