Who Are Frost Giant Studios?

who are frost giant

A new age of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games is upon us, with Frost Giant Studios leading the way with their new title Stormgate. The game and studio alike have been lighting a fire in the hearts of the RTS community – but who are Frost Giant?

The Team Behind Frost Giant Studios

Frost Giant Studios is a new game studio formed in 2020 with the epic goal to “bring back Real Time Strategy.” The studio is composed of game industry veterans, many of which worked on legendary games like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2. This includes the likes of Tim Morten, Tim Campbell, James Anhalt, and many more – all of whom are game industry experts and, most importantly, massive RTS fans. 

They aim to create the next massive RTS, largely inspired by the Blizzard games they helped create.

Frost Giant’s team has been massively evolving since the studio’s inception, now featuring dozens of staff members as their epic game nears its 2023 beta launch date. 

frost giant ingame alpha
Early footage of Frost Giant’s Stormgate.

Frost Giant’s Philosophy 

One thing that makes Frost Giant a unique studio in this day and age is their simple yet impressive list of values. With the studio being fully managed by passionate RTS fans, the goal is to create an amazing game first. 

Their focus includes a direct link to Real Time Strategy – creating a game for real players based on feedback, respecting the time-tested RTS mechanics, and strategically expanding the audience, while remaining faithful to existing fans of the genre. 

All in all, the future of RTS is in good hands with Frost Giant and we can definitely expect Stormgate to be a blessing for not only RTS fans, but all gamers. 

If you want to get your hands on Stormgate as soon as possible, make sure to wishlist the game on Steam, and sign up for the beta on the official site

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