Heroes Confirmed in 3v3 & Co-op, Lore To Come In Short Stories

stormgate heroes 3v3 coop

With the Stormgate beta fast approaching in mid-2023, fans are hungry for game content and Frost Giant have delivered by answering community questions on the SCBoy forums. 

The team has confirmed the addition of Stormgate heroes in the 3 player modes, given a teaser on upcoming Lore reveals, and more. 

Stormgate Will Have Heroes in 3v3 and Co-op

The latest official Frost Giant post on the SCBoy forums answered many different community questions. One of these was a hot topic in the Stormgate community – heroes

Whether you love them or hate them, the hero discussion can now come to an end, as the team has confirmed that hero units will be in the 3v3 and co-op game modes. 

stormgate pc gamer magazine
Early Stormgate art.

Heroes will be similar to Starcraft 2’s commanders, meaning they will be powerful units with unique skills and abilities, however it’s unconfirmed if they’ll have other features like items or in-game leveling. If you’re familiar with SC2’s co-op mode, this means we’ll likely see heroes similar to commanders like Kerrigan and Alarak, but, of course, based on the Stormgate universe. 

It’s also possible that the heroes will help create roles in team games. For example, some heroes may have abilities that favor attacking, while others are better at defense or support. We’ll have to wait for more to be revealed to know for sure. 

Short Stories Will Introduce Stormgate Lore Before Release

Another interesting bit of news is that short stories will be created to introduce Stormgate lore. It has not been confirmed if these short stories will come in the form of books, comics, or online media, however we can get excited for Stormgate lore coming soon! 

So far the team confirmed that the lore introduction will come before Stormgate’s release, likely meaning before the full release, rather than the beta test in mid-2023. Regardless, the team did mention that there may be some small surprises coming this year, relating to lore. 

Stormgate mech concept art.

Last but not least, there was also a small introduction to the Frost Giant writing team. We already know of the two Blizzard veterans on the team, Tim Campbell and Micky Neilson however, two more experienced writers have joined them. 

The first is Marv Wolfman, a comic book writer famous for his work on the DC universe, and the other is Tom Abernathy, who’s worked on massive games like Guild Wars 2, Halo, and The Division. 

All in all, this is very exciting news for Stormgate. Not only did we get a closer look at what’s to come in the 3 player modes, but we can also get excited for a lore introduction created by a world-class team! 

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