Stormgate’s Third Faction to be Revealed at PC Gaming Show

The latest Stormgate beta has been relatively quiet, with Frost Giant and all the playtesters keeping their cards close to their chest. However, we finally have confirmation of the long-awaited Stormgate third faction reveal, which will be taking place at the PC Gaming Show!

Stormgate Third Faction Reveal at The PC Gaming Show

Frost Giant confirmed on Twitter that Stormgate’s third faction would be revealed at the PC Gaming Show! This will be taking place on June 9 at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT / 9pm BST / 10pm CEST – although the exact time of the Stormgate reveal hasn’t been confirmed.

We also don’t know what exactly to expect. Will it actually be Anime Cat Girls? Who knows – we’ll just have to wait and see. Although, it is safe to say that we’ll probably see some gameplay, maybe even a cinematic, and finally crack the mystery of the third faction.

Where to Watch The Stormgate Third Faction Reveal

If you want to find out about the third faction as soon as it’s revealed, you’ll have to watch the PC Gaming Show live. Luckily, that’s the easy part. The show will be live on Twitch and YouTube, so all you’ll have to do is hop in and wait for the Stormgate action to start.

We’ll keep this page updated with further details as they are announced.

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