Stormgate Alpha Officially Begins

stormgate pre alpha begins

It’s finally here! Frost Giant have confirmed that the Stormgate alpha has finally begun and the first wave of invites have gone out. Check your emails! 

Stormgate Public Testing Beings

On July 7, the Frost Giant team confirmed on Twitter that invites have been sent out for the first wave of closed alpha playtesters. If you signed up for the beta, make sure to check your email, you may be one of the lucky ones! 

For those who didn’t get alpha access, don’t worry. This first playtest is very, very small and under heavy NDA. The lucky few who are testing the game can’t share anything about it and with development still being so early, there are very limited things to test. In fact, the focus, for now, is solely the 1v1 mode featuring just the Human Resistance (there’s gonna be a lot of mirror matches!). 

Despite the small start, testing will expand throughout the year and into 2024, eventually hitting either some kind of open testing stage or launch. So, even if you’re not invited to this stage of the beta, there’s a good chance you’ll get to play the game soon enough.

How To Get Stormgate Alpha Access

Everyone wants to get their hands on the Stormgate alpha, unfortunately for most people, there’s still a bit of a wait. 

Currently, the only way to get Stormgate alpha access is to sign up for the beta on the official website and hope you get picked. As far as we know, a select few were chosen randomly from the list of signed-up players and as testing expands in the future more and more players will be added. 

So far there haven’t been any giveaways either, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled once any appear and keep you updated! 

If you haven’t already, make sure to wishlist the game on Steam. It doesn’t affect your chances of getting into testing, but it helps Frost Giant and Stormgate. 

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