Stormgate Coming to Steam Next Fest; Next Beta Starts in February

stormgate steam next fest

Frost Giant have announced a ton of exciting news, including details of the next beta phase, as well as a way for everyone to try out Stormgate. Oh, and that’s not all – there’s also a large esports event coming up. 

Stormgate to Feature in Steam Next Fest

The biggest piece of news is definitely that Stormgate is coming to Steam Next Fest. This is a huge event on Steam, where many upcoming games are featured on the platform. It’s a great way to get a game into the eyes of the public (especially Steam gamers) and past events have featured some of the biggest titles of the last few years. 

stormgate early access date

Steam Next Fest takes place between February 5th – 12th, starting at 10:00 AM PST (06:00 PM GMT). The best news of all, however, is that during Next Fest week everyone will be able to play Stormgate! The beta will have a ‘demo’ week where everyone will be able to play and will return to a closed beta after the 12th. 

This will feature both the 1v1 mode and co-op vs AI, so there will be a bit of something for everybody to try out. 

Next Stormgate Closed Beta Phase Begins in February

While Steam Next Fest is exciting, it only lasts a week. Luckily, the Stormgate closed beta is also whirling back up for February and if you’re an existing tester or a Founder on Kickstarter, you’ll get to play a whole lot more Stormgate.

Founder’s and existing testers will get into the beta a few days before Next Fest and will continue enjoying access to the game afterward. The full dates haven’t been revealed yet, but seeing as Steam Next Fest starts on the 5th, the beta will likely start right at the beginning of February. 

stormgate infernal host flayed dragon reveal

EGC Stormgate Open Announced With $10,000 Prize Pool

The esports fans out there will be excited to hear that a large event has been announced! The EGC Stormgate Open will be taking place in February and featuring a whopping $10,000 prize pool – not bad for a beta. 

This event will be open to everyone and while no details have been announced just yet, it’ll likely take place during Steam Next Fest. However, we’ll make sure to update you as soon as any information is revealed. 

Update: Frost Giant’s Gerald has now confirmed that EGC matches will start on Feb 10th. This, presumably, means the event will run over the Feb 10-11 weekend.

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