EGC Stormgate Open: Schedule, Where to Watch, Format

stormgate egc open

The first-ever major Stormgate esports event has been announced, with the Elite Gaming Channel Stormgate Open 2024 set to take place in February. You can find out everything you need to know about the event below.

EGC Stormgate Open 2024 Schedule

Stormgate’s first major esports event will take place in February, covering two weekends. The first rounds will be played between February 10-11, followed by final rounds the following weekend, February 17-18. The full schedule is:

  • Feb 9: Top 4 Ranked Ladder players qualify for playoffs
  • Feb 11-12: Open Qualifier (Top 8 advance to playoff)
  • Feb 16: Katowice Qualifier (For SC2 players at IEM Katowice, 4 players qualify)
  • Feb 17-18: Single-elimination playoff bracket

It kicks off during Steam Next Fest week, where everyone will be able to play the game and sign up for the tournament. If you manage to qualify for the next weekend you’ll also win yourself a beta key, as Stormgate will return to its usual closed beta after Feb 12. 

The event also features a very impressive $10,000 prize pool, with the winner getting the lion’s share of $3000, followed by $1800 for second place, $1000 for third & fourth, $400 for fifth to eight, and $200 for ninth to sixteenth. 

Where to Watch The EGC Stormgate Open

You’ll be able to catch the action live on the official EGC Twitch channel. It has also been confirmed that community casters will be able to broadcast much of the event, although the full details are still to be confirmed.

We’ll update this section once further broadcast channels are announced. Although, it has been confirmed some of the biggest names in the RTS world will be part of the talent lineup, you can find the full list in the image below.


EGC Stormgate Open Format

EGC have a long history of hosting Age of Empires tournaments, so the Stormgate open is definitely in good hands. 

With this being a large open event, they’ve opted for a double elimination bracket with a max of 512 players, split into pools. Each pool will have up to 64 players, and the top 8 will advance to the next stage. Stage 2 of the event will feature 64 players in a single elimination bracket, with the top 8 advancing to the playoffs.

Last but not least we have the playoffs, which will be played in a simple single elimination bracket with a total of 16 players.

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