Stormgate Early Access Coming August; Head Start in July

stormgate early access reveal

Alongside the reveal of the third faction at the PC Gaming Show, Frost Giant have also revealed that Stormgate Early Access is coming soon! Kickstarter backers and supporters who buy the Early Access bundle can also get a head start – here’s everything we know.

Stormgate Early Access Goes Live August 13, Head Start on July 30

Stormgate will be available to everyone, free to play, on August 13, with the launch of early access! Kickstarter backers (at the applicable tier) can get in ahead of time on July 30 for a two week preview period.

If you didn’t back the game on Kickstarter, you can still get in on the action ahead of time! Frost Giant have released Early Access Packs on Steam, allowing you to get both head start access and in-game goodies. These goodies include things like heroes, campaign missions, skins, and other cosmetics.

ultimate early access pack stormgate

What Will Be Available in Stormgate Early Access?

With early access comes a ton of in-game content! This includes three playable factions, 1v1 and co-op vs AI modes, three campaign missions, heroes, new units, and much, much more!

This is also just the beginning of the Stormgate journey. Early access is the first step to the full release of the game, this means we’ll see a ton of new features, missions, modes, and just about everything else being introduced as the game continues development.

If early access isn’t your cup of tea- don’t worry! There will be plenty of new content being added and all you have to do is wait – personally, we’re excited to get our hands on the custom map editor (Vampirism, anyone?), which will be coming some time after early access launch.

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