New Stormgate Units and Art Revealed on Mouse Pads

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A whole new set of Stormgate units have been revealed through an unlikely source – the art on a mouse pad given to RTS community members. The Human Resistance themed mouse pad shows off a number of exciting new things, so let’s dive right into it. 

Human Resistance Units and Characters Revealed

The art on the mouse pad displays several new Human Resistance units. There are a total of eight mechs, six human characters, and what looks to be a spaceship in the distance. This is one of the biggest (and incredibly exciting at that!) reveals in recent times, giving us a look at core Human Resistance units and characters. 

Stormgate mouse pad
The Stormgate mouse pad (from ZergGirrl’s twitter).

There’s no way to know exactly what the units do, who the characters are, or how many of them will be playable and in which modes. However, it’s possible to guess what the units are capable of, and does show the overall theme of the Resistance. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

stormgate artillery mech

This unit seems to be walking artillery. It has what looks to be a very large gun and spider-esque legs – it could very well be something like Starcraft’s Siege Tank, or possibly a powerful anti-air unit. 

stormgate human resistance mech (maybe worker)

This smaller mech is a lot more difficult to read. There are no clear weapons and it looks to have a large pod on the top of its body. It’s very difficult to say what exactly it’ll do, but it possibly has a scanner at the front and some fans theorize it may be the Human Resistance worker.

stormgate long leg boy

This mech is clearly some kind of fighting unit. It’s holding what looks to be a large gun (possibly a sniper rifle or another heavy gun) and has very long legs and arms, as well as a small body. It looks like it could be very maneuverable and used for scouting or small skirmishes. 

stormgate mech medic

This unit is likely the most self-explanatory of the lot. It looks like a bulky medic unit, as represented by the cross on its front. The mech also features a large container on its front, which could be spare parts to repair mechs, fuel, or whatever juices are required for healing in Stormgate. 

The model is likely inspired by St. Bernards dogs, which are known for carrying barrels around their necks. Interestingly enough, these barrels often contained brandy, which was delivered to travelers by these dogs to help keep them warm. So, if this mech isn’t a medic, maybe the Human Resistance just likes a drink!   

stormgate guy with gun

Up next is what looks to be a simple human with a rifle. There’s not much to say about this one, it looks somewhat like a Starcraft Marine, but other than that it seems to just be a basic ranged unit. 

stormgate car mech

This unit looks like a fast armored vehicle, seemingly armed with missile launchers. The overall concept is pretty clear – a fast car that can shoot stuff, but that’s about all we know so far. It could play similarly to Starcraft’s Hellion, Cyclone, or Vulture. 

stormgate mech with hands

This mech looks to be unarmed and seemingly has a cockpit. It’s unclear what it does – it could simply hold a weapon, similarly to the mechs shown in the Stormgate reveal, or do just about anything. 

stormgate dropship

This is most likely the hovering ship we saw in the initial game reveal. So far we know it can fly and transport units, but that’s about it.

stormgate minigun mech mouse pad

This is another unit we’re familiar with – the minigun mech from the Stormgate reveal. We know it walks on the ground and shoots a big gun, but we’ll have to wait for further details. 

stormgate humans on mouse pad

Five humans are featured on the mousepad. Three of these were already present in existing Stormgate art, however, the two dark-skinned characters in the middle are new. As they’re all featured on a promotional mouse pad, they’ll all likely be key players in the Stormgate story. However, it’s difficult to say what exactly their roles will be. 

There’s also a large spaceship in the background, presumably showing that humans are capable of space travel, but with it being mainly a silhouette, it’s hard to tell what it is exactly. 

That’s about it for the new stuff! With it being 2023, we’ll no doubt be receiving a constant stream of Stormgate updates, so stay tuned! 

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