Stormgate Alpha Update: New Gameplay, Tournaments, More

stormgate gameplay reveal

It’s content time! Frost Giant have released a new Stormgate alpha update video, talking about testing so far, showing off brand-new gameplay, and much more. Let’s take a look at everything we saw. 

New Stormgate Gameplay and Tester Development 

In the video released on October 18, Frost Giant shared an update on the Stormgate alpha. It kicked off with a few clips showing off the Human faction gameplay, which included finally seeing the Hedgehog in action (it’s the car-looking unit right at the start of the video).

We also got a look at creeps on the map, which give out resources and certain upgrades once defeated, as well as some general PvP action. Overall, the game looks pretty great so far, especially for a closed alpha. 

The video then moved on to talk about some interesting work that the testers have been doing. This includes things like best expansion positioning, comparing unit stats and small skirmish results, and much more. We definitely recommend taking a closer look at this section (between 1:00-1:45) if you’re a fan of stats. 

Early Stormgate Build Orders and Tournaments

The bulk of the video is spent talking about the game itself. We get an insight into some of the earliest Stormgate build orders (unsurprisingly one of the first was a tower rush!) and a look at the first testing tournaments.

Interestingly enough, a lot of builds focus on utilizing creeps in the early game. Players would build a few units, take some creep camps, and go from there – sometimes into aggression thanks to the creep bonuses such as speed buffs. 

stormgate creeps
A creep camp in the Stormgate alpha.

This goes to show that the concept of creeps getting players out on the map and active in the early game is successful so far. Early creeping definitely seems to be the name of the game in the alpha. 

There were also a few alpha tournaments. First, a private team event in the closed pre-alpha, followed by an open tournament for all testers in the first alpha stage. There aren’t too many details here, but Frost Giant were clearly happy the game was already being played competitively. 

The video then closed out with some Infernal Host footage, with some key battles being played out with the recently revealed Gaunt unit. 

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