Stormgate Kickstarter Goes Live: Rewards, Prices, Dates, More

It’s finally here! The Stormgate Kickstarter is now live, offering fans of the game a chance to support it financially and earn some goodies doing so. Let’s dive right into the details.

Everything You Need to Know About The Stormgate Kickstarter 

The Stormgate Kickstarter is live and ready to go and will run until January 31. This gives us quite a while to choose a pledge and there’s a lot to choose from! 

The pledges range from $1 all the way to $5000, giving a wide range of rewards, all the way from a simple “Thank you” to Discord roles, co-op heroes, beta access, campaign missions, other cosmetics, the Collector’s Edition, and even a chance to name a unit or be a part of the story yourself (although that last one will set you back a whole $5000!). 

stormgate human gameplay
Stormgate Human Resistance gameplay.

Some pledges are limited, so you may need to act fast if you want to get something specific. For example, there are just 300 copies of the signed Collector’s Edition available. However, if all you want is a beta key, it’ll cost you $40 with the Deluxe Founder’s Pack (which there are 10,000 of), although there are also other more expensive options that feature a beta key. 

To check out the details in full and choose your pledge, you can head to the official page.

An early look at the Stormgate editor.

Stormgate’s Kickstarter page also features a ton of information. There are a few gifs and videos of new content, including in-game action, a look at the editor, soundtracks, and a bit about the story. It’s got a bit of everything! 

As a reminder – this Kickstarter serves just to give fans something extra for Stormgate, like a Collector’s Edition or guaranteed beta access. Stormgate is already fully funded, so regardless of how the Kickstarter goes, we will be getting the game! 

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