Stormgate Collector’s Edition and Founder’s Pack Announced

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While we’ve been patiently awaiting the December closed beta, Frost Giant have hit us with an exciting new announcement! Stormgate Collector’s Edition and Founder’s Packs will be coming our way through an official Kickstarter! 

Frost Giant to Launch Stormgate Kickstarter

Frost Giant’s Gerald announced on Reddit that the team will be launching a Kickstarter campaign “in the near future.” 

The Kickstarter will allow Frost Giant to offer “extras” to fans in the form of a Collector’s Edition, as well as Founder’s Packs. A Collector’s Edition seems like something the team have wanted to do, however, Gerald states that it’s something that’s very challenging and expensive to produce. As such, a Kickstarter is the way to go, as it will give the team an accurate count of how many they’d need to create. 

Meanwhile, Founder’s Packs come as a way to both give players beta access, as well as some exclusive perks. Again, this leads back to finances – Frost Giant would love to invite everyone to test the game, but servers and hosting equipment are expensive. This way they can raise some funds to increase server capacity and invite more players. 

It’s important to note that the Kickstarter seems to be solely for these extras. Gerald confirms that Frost Giant already have all the funding required to release the game – so don’t worry, we will be getting Stormgate either way! 

Stormgate Collector’s Edition Preview

Details of what exactly will come in the Stormgate Collector’s Edition are few and far between. However, Gerald does mention Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 Collector’s Edition boxes, so it may be somewhat similar to those. 

In addition, the Reddit post contains a small preview of a Vulcan mech statue, which will presumably be a part of the Collector’s Edition. Check it out: 

Unfortunately beyond that, we’re stumped. As soon as new information becomes available we’ll update this page. 

Side note: if you still want Stormgate beta access, some keys will be given out to Redditors who answer Gerald’s questions in the thread

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