Stormgate Infernal Host Unit Reveal: Spriggan

Frost Giant finally broke the September silence this week by sending out a new wave of alpha invites. However, things didn’t stop there as we have received a short, but sweet, update with the Infernal Host’s Spriggan unit being revealed! 

Infernal Host Spriggan Unit Revealed

In a short video released on September 27, Frost Giant showed off a unit from the Infernal Host faction, the Spriggan. 

We got to see the Spriggan in action in-game. It’s a flying unit with a fast attack, (which has an awesome purple beam animation!) capable of doing solid damage to buildings and units alike. It looks like it may fill the role of a harassing unit, but considering how early in development the game is, it’s really impossible to tell how things will end up. 

Details aside, the unit looks awesome and quite unique. You can check it out, as well as some further information below. 

Seven New (Potential) Infernal Host Unit Names 

Alongside the Spriggan reveal there may or may not have been a small leak in the above video. At 1:03 we can see a list of Infernal Host unit names on the bottom left, totaling 11 units, some of which are completely new. 

We’ve already seen the Brute, Fiend, Imp, and Spriggan in action, which leaves seven more names:

  • Felhog
  • Flayed Dragon
  • Gaunt
  • Harbinger
  • Hellborne
  • Incarnate
  • Magmadon

Other than the names not much else has been revealed, but they all seem very demonically on-brand, with names like Hellborne, and Harbinger. Another one that stands out is Flayed Dragon – do the Infernal Host have dragons on their side (and if so is it the winged creature in the image below)? Again, it’s too soon to tell, but leaves a lot to the imagination! 

december newsletter infernal host concept art
Concept art of Stormgate’s Infernal Hosts.

Stormgate Cosmetics, Customization, and War Chests

Last but not least, the video touches on cosmetics, customization, and war chests with the team’s Director of Finance, Howard Xing and Matt Weber, Senior Product Manager. Frost Giant’s aim is to allow players to express themselves in the game through cosmetics and customization, which may include things like army skins, pets, and more. 

These may include some easter eggs, as well as a light-hearted approach, highlighted by the chicken pet easter egg on Howard’s screen. For those out of the loop, the chicken critter quickly became a fan favorite when it was first revealed (and subsequently exploded). 

The chicken is a Stormgate fan-favorite.

Matt seems to confirm that Stormgate will be getting something like Starcraft 2’s war chests. These were essentially battle passes, which were unlocked through a microtransaction and gave players cosmetic rewards for completing missions, as well as contributing to the esports prize pool. 

That’s about it for this update. With alpha invites rolling out fairly frequently, make sure to sign up for beta on the official website if you want a chance to test out the game!  

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