How Does The Stormgate Ranking System Work?

stormgate ranking system explained

Like any competitive RTS game, Stormgate features a robust ladder system, currently available for only the 1v1 mode. It ranks players into leagues based on their skill level and gives everyone something to aim for – from the new player improving to the seasoned veteran aiming for the top rank. But how exactly does the Stormgate ranking system work? We’ll break it down below. 

Stormgate Ladder Ranks & System

The Stormgate ranking system places players in leagues on a large ladder. The ranks are: Aspirant, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Everyone starts at Aspirant and has to go through three tiers of a league to advance to the next. 

Players are shown both their matchmaking rating (MMR), which starts at 1500, and their current points, which start at 0. After every game, both MMR and points change based on the result, generally, if you win they go up, and if you lose your MMR goes down, but your points don’t change. 

stormgate ranking system mmr points

This is because your points represent your peak confirmed MMR. The way the system works is through “uncertainty” – as a new account, the system has no way of confirming what your MMR is, so it calculates it through results. As such, even on a loss your points go up, because your starting MMR is 1500 and the system is slowly working out what it should really be. 

Due to this system, you’ll also see large point gains at the start, especially when winning. Again, this is due to the system calculating your proper MMR range and winning increases your MMR, so the points that represent peak MMR have more catching up to do. 

It may sound a bit confusing (and honestly it is!) but essentially all you need to know is that your MMR represents your skill level, and your points represent the peak confirmed MMR that you’ve reached. 

Stormgate Rank Point Requirements

As mentioned, there are seven ranks currently in Stormgate. To advance the rankings, you need to hit a certain amount of points. Here are the points required for each rank:

  • Master 1        2023
  • Master 2        1936
  • Master 3        1885
  • Diamond 1     1758
  • Diamond 2    1689
  • Diamond 3    1640
  • Platinum 1    1599
  • Platinum 2    1563
  • Platinum 3    1529
  • Gold 1    1500
  • Gold 2    1471
  • Gold 3    1441
  • Silver 1    1409
  • Silver 2    1373
  • Silver 3    1332
  • Bronze 1    1280
  • Bronze 2    1242
  • Bronze 3    1166
  • Aspirant 1    1115
  • Aspirant 2    1028
  • Aspirant 3    0

As you can see, it’s quite a climb from the bottom. You need to grind out quite a few games to get out of Aspirant, but once you’ve hit bronze, it’s smooth sailing to the rank you belong at on the leaderboard. Good luck out there and enjoy the Stormgate rank grind! 

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