Stormgate Flayed Dragon Unit Revealed in Newsletter

stormgate infernal host flayed dragon reveal

It’s been a good week for Stormgate fans, with a ton of content being released. First, we had the very cheesy ad, then Frost Giant’s alpha update, and now the newsletter has given us a sneak peek at the Infernal Host’s Flayed Dragon unit.

Stormgate October Newsletter Gives Us Flayed Dragon Sneak Peek

Frost Giant sends out the occasional newsletter to all fans who signed up for the beta and agreed to receive emails from the team. There’s always some great Stormgate material in there and this month’s newsletter is no different.

It kicks off by summarizing recent Frost Giant events and Stormgate updates, including Gamescom, rollback netcode, alpha, as well as highlighting some community creators. This is all great stuff and we’ll get into it below, however, the real juicy stuff (for those keeping on top of the news) comes near the end of the newsletter.

The team has given us a sneak peek at the Infernal Host’s Flayed Dragon unit. As always, it’s just a peek so there’s not much information, other than the image and the fact that it’s a late-game unit.

stormgate flayed dragon
Does the Flayed Dragon draw inspiration from WC3’s Frost Wyrm?

With that said, the Flayed Dragon does look awesome! It has a very fleshy and demonic feel, incorporating it well into what we’ve seen of the Infernal Host design so far. You can also instantly tell where it gets its name from – it has some exposed flesh and holes in its wings, clearly having been through a lot. It’s what I would imagine a Flayed Dragon to look like, although technically having just two legs makes it a wyvern, but Flayed Wyvern just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Stormgate Alpha, Community Shoutouts, and More

Other than the Flayed Dragon, the newsletter also had a ton of extra information. If you regularly follow Stormgate news, you’ll probably know most of it, but if not it’s definitely worth reading.

First things first, the alpha grind continues for the Frost Giant team. The current alpha phase is set to wrap up at the end of October and the team is already busy working on the next stage, codenamed Devastator, which should come sometime this year. This phase will once again “greatly increase” the number of testers, so make sure to sign up and keep your fingers crossed if you want a shot at alpha access.

The bulk of the newsletter then includes shoutouts and thanks to community members who have been either helping out Frost Giant or just involved in some way. This ranges from behind-the-scenes people like video editors and community organizers, to influencers and even fansites (if you’re reading this, thanks for the shoutout!).

There are also mentions of Gamescom, the PC Gaming Show reveal, the success of the rollback netcode test, and more recapping of past events. If you haven’t already, we definitely recommend checking out the newsletter (which should be in your email inbox) and if you don’t have one, make sure to sign up for beta on the official site, and tick the box underneath to receive communication from Frost Giant.

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