Frost Giant Developer Interviews: Lore, Auto-Hotkeys, More

stormgate developer interviews

Get hyped Frost Giant fans, it’s Stormgate content time! A new video has been released by the Frost Giant team, providing 25 minutes of juicy q&a directly from the developers. Let’s check out what’s been revealed in the latest round of Frost Giant developer interviews. 

Key Points From Frost Giant’s October Developer Interviews

In the lengthy 25 minute video, the Frost Giant team goes over a variety of topics covering Stormgate. This includes basics like highlighting the motivations of the team, all the way to game specifics and small tidbits of new information here and there. 

Passion, Game Modes, and Stormgate in The Long-Term

First off, the team once again highlights why Stormgate is being created. More than anything, it’s a passion project, developed by RTS fans for RTS fans. Frost Giant CEO Tim Morten also highlights the benefits, and reasoning behind, creating a new studio – it allows the team to focus on the game first, making Stormgate simply to be fun, rather than hit monetary targets and please shareholders. 

This extends directly into the game details themselves. Frost Giant are making an RTS they think will be successful in its own right. Stormgate aims to continue and build on traditional RTS gameplay, specifically with the inclusion of 1v1 PvP and a campaign, as well as expanding team games with a focus on 3v3 PvP and co-op game modes

There are also very long-term plans for the game. Tim Campbell describes the approach to Stormgate as an ever-evolving and self-sufficient game. We’ll see new content released for the game constantly, including new campaign missions, characters, units, and much more.

How it All Began: The Human Struggle and The First Stormgate

Writer Micky Neilson shared an exciting story update for Stormgate – an insight into the beginning of the game’s story. 

It’s been revealed that in Stormgate teams of scientists were created to battle earthly crises like overpopulation, climate change, and extreme weather, dubbed as Sigma. Of these teams, Sigma 6 experimented with opening portals to a new dimension – should the need for humans to escape the earth present itself. 

Sigma 6 succeeded with their project. After developments in their base in the Arctic, a portal was opened during a solar storm, however, this was, ironically, not the human’s salvation, but their downfall. They succeeded in opening a portal to the Infernal Hosts homeworld and triggering an invasion of earth. 

Stormgate mech concept art.

New Player Friendly Mechanics

Last but not least, we also received some insights into mechanics created specifically for new players. Stormgate’s goal is to attract the masses to RTS, which includes making the game easy to pick up.

As Tim Morten said in the video, the game won’t be “baby’s first RTS” but it will be welcoming to new players, while keeping the skill ceiling high. With this in mind, two key features were revealed.

The first is what sounds like a coaching mode. This would allow players to play with or watch their friends’ game (presumably in a specific game mode) while giving them advice and helping them learn. The second feature is automated control groups. This will allow for units to be automatically added to a set control group upon being created, with a goal to teach new players about control groups without having the barrier of constantly fiddling with them and adding new units. 

Of course, there’s also the beta signup and wishlist shoutout – make sure to sign up on the official Stormgate website and wishlist the game on Steam

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