Stormgate Esports: What Can We Expect?

stormgate esports

Stormgate is set to shake up the RTS world, bringing a brand new game with massive ambitions to the genre. One thing that many fans will be interested in is Stormgate esports – so let’s take a look at what we can expect from the game in the coming years.

Frost Giant have already revealed some of their plans, which were shared by Head of Esports Trevor Housten in an interview with Feardragon. 

Stormgate Will Support Multiple Competitive Modes

In an attempt to shake things up and make Stormgate more accessible, Frost Giant will implement multiple competitive modes. This means we’ll not only see esports in the usual RTS 1v1 format, but we’ll also have team matches, such as 3v3.

The Infernal Hosts are one of Stormgate’s playable races.

On top of this, team modes will have different objectives. Rather than just eliminating the opponents, teams may have to complete tasks like capture the flag or area control. The exact details of team game objectives are still to be confirmed. 

Overall, this could mean we will see tournaments in specific game modes, or even team league events. This means extended matches where teams earn points through 1v1 games, as well as team games, all of which count towards the overall series. 

Grassroots Esports Will Be Key In Stormgate

One thing that will be vital for Frost Giant to achieve in Stormgate is a healthy esports scene, which comes through grassroots tournaments and events. This means smaller-scale events and features which support players looking to get into the esports side of the game.

The overall mantra in Stormgate is “esports is for everyone” – from the amateur player that gets eliminated in the first round, to the players making careers out of the game. Frost Giant aims to ensure that everyone taking part will have fun and will aim to give reasons for players to keep coming back to the esports side of the game, even if they only lose. 

Early Stormgate gameplay footage.

However, this doesn’t mean creating massive prize pools or just throwing money at the game. Instead, Frost Giant will be designing a sustainable and welcoming esports ecosystem – the details of which are yet to be revealed. 

Stormgate Esports Events Will Be Accessible In-Game

A key issue Frost Giant aims to tackle is discoverability. It’s difficult for players to know what events they can play and when, especially when there are multiple hosts and websites offering tournaments. 

On top of this there is also function. Players need to know how and when to sign up and check in, organizers need to create brackets on time, provide support for players, and much more. There are many barriers that players and organizers alike face when it comes to esports tournaments. 

All in all, the goal is to streamline the process and make tournaments simple and fun. Frost Giant aim to do this by creating in-game tools which can help solve some, if not all, of these issues. Of course, this is still very much a work in progress, but there’s a lot to look forward to for fans and players alike. 

Stormgate’s Competitive Circuit

Some key information has already been revealed about Stormgate’s competitive circuit, which is planned to be the premier tier of competition. 

frost giant ingame alpha
Early footage of Frost Giant’s Stormgate.

There will be three seasons every year, which will be directly tied to new game content. These seasons will feature open qualifiers, playoffs, and seasonal finals, and will also be very accessible, with players being able to jump in at (almost) any point and attempt to make it to the top of the esports scene. 

Seasonal events will mostly be run by Frost Giant, however, there is also an aim to tie in third-party events. 

To cap things off, there will be a World Championship event, likely annually, which will tie in the storylines of all three seasons to cap off a year of competition. However, it’s important to keep in mind things are still very fluid and will likely not be finalized until the release of the game. 

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