New Stormgate Gameplay Revealed in Cheesy LG Monitor Ad

The Infernal Host Shroud.

We’re always on the lookout for anything new regarding Stormgate and today we found some new gameplay in a very unexpected place – a cheesy LG monitor ad featuring some RTS legends. It’s a lot to take in and quite bizarre, so let’s break it down.

Stormgate Gameplay Revealed in Monitor Ad Featuring RTS Legends

On October 17, a strange ad appeared on the OLED SPACE by LG YouTube channel, promoting one of its new monitors. At first, it seemed like a simple ad, with RTS legends Jang “Moon” Jae-ho and Nick “Tasteless” Plott featuring to catch the attention of real-time strategy fans.

However, the real excitement came from seeing the game featured in the match – Stormgate! The ad is played out as a commentary of a match between Szymon “ziGGy” Filipek and Moon, showing occasional glimpses of Stormgate action. 

First off we get a glimpse of the in-game menus. We can see a pretty simple layout, with game modes at the top, a war chest section, what looks like a friends/party button, a spectate button, and a few other options. At this point we see Moon select his race and we can see there’s an all-round very clean-looking UI when queuing up for a match. 

In-Game View & Infernal Host Buildings

Up next we get a look at the in-game view, starting with the Infernal Host’s buildings. When it comes to the in-game look, it’s pretty standard and similar to what we’ve seen so far. There is a UI in the bottom middle of the screen, featuring the map, unit portrait, unit info, resources, and macro hotbar – it seems like everything you need to look at is at the bottom part of the screen. 

The exciting part here is the Infernal Host base. We see a couple of new (presumably) production buildings, the Gaunt unit, and it looks like Infernal Host buildings need to be built on the Shroud. This is similar to the Undead and Blight in Warcraft 3, or the energy fields from pylons for Starcraft’s Protoss. 

Last but not least we see a few clips of in-game action. It’s mostly basic stuff featuring some movements and a little bit of combat from both factions, however we do see the Spriggan in action again and what may be the first real bit of Infernal Host gameplay. 

As a quick note – do remember that this is both an external advertisement and alpha footage. Things will definitely change in the future as the game gets closer to release. With that said, it’s always fun to see some new Stormgate footage! If you want a chance to get in on the action, remember to sign up for testing on the Stormgate website

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