Could Stormgate Bring Back The Good Old Days of Custom Games?

Every RTS fan remembers the good old days. Logging in to your favorite game and getting straight into the custom games was a rite of passage for nearly everyone that dipped their toes into the genre.

From the classic tower defense to hero battlers, exploration, puzzles, and some very strange and questionable maps, there were custom games for everyone. The early 2000s were really a magical time for any RTS fan. 

The feeling of being able to log in and just play the usual custom game or discover something completely new was exhilarating and – since those days – unrecreatable. However, this is something on Frost Giant’s radar – but can Stormgate bring back the good old days of custom games?

frost giant ingame alpha
Early footage of Frost Giant’s Stormgate.

Custom Games in Stormgate

In their many interviews, Frost Giant have revealed that custom games will be a big part of Stormgate. The game is set to be a “social RTS” and there’s really nothing more social in the genre than the myriad of custom games, many of which are nowhere near as fast-paced or hectic as the competitive gameplay. 

On top of this, there is a key goal for the team to create one of the best map editor tools out there. The aim is for it to be easy to use, while offering custom game creators the very same tools that Stormgate’s developers had. 

wc3 custom games
Warcraft 3 offered a ton of custom games.

It seems like a dream come true. Stormgate aims to achieve the perfect staging ground for custom game fans everywhere. From inclusive features to an amazing editor, we can expect to see it all and more in the game. 

While the game is still quite far from release, we can already start getting excited about custom games. The support will be there, the tools will be there, all we have to do is wait for the creatives to get their hands on the editor and we’ll get to enjoy some good old custom games. 

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