Stormgate Early Access Packs: Rewards, Prices, More

stormgate early access packs

Now that Frost Giant have announced the early access date, all we have to do is wait to once again get our hands on Stormgate! However, if you missed out on the Kickstarter and beta, but want to get in ahead of time and secure some juicy rewards – Frost Giant have you covered. The devs have revealed three Stormgate Early Access packs – let’s take a look.

Stormgate Early Access Packs: Prices and Item Details

Available for purchase on Steam, there are currently three Stormgate Early Access packs: basic, deluxe, and ultimate. Here’s what they each give:

Early Access Pack

  • Vanguard Hero – Amara
  • Vanguard Campaign – Chapter 1
  • Gold Vanguard Army Accent
  • Access to Stormgate Preview Period (July 30 to August 12)

Deluxe Early Access Pack

  • All Early Access Pack content
  • Infernal Hero – Maloc
  • Celestial Hero – Auralanna
  • Chicken Supporter (Pet)

Ultimate Early Access Pack

  • All Deluxe Early Access Pack content
  • Vanguard Campaign – Chapter 2
  • Vanguard Campaign – Chapter 3
  • For of War Shader  – Firestorm

stormgate third faction revealed

Now that we know what’s in them, it’s important to know what exactly everything is. The heroes are simple enough – hero units for the co-op vs AI mode (and presumably the 3v3 mode). These haven’t been revealed yet, though we’ll likely hear more about them soon enough.

Stormgate Early Access Packs FAQ

There have been some questions surrounding the Early Access Packs and we have managed to get some answers! Hopefully this will help you decide if you want to buy a pack.

  • Q: How much will individual missions cost?
  • A: Missions will be sold in chapters of at least three missions. They will cost $10 (and will support regional pricing).
  • Q: How much will individual heroes cost?
  • A: Heroes will cost $10 (and will support regional pricing).
  • Q: What does paying for heroes do?
  • A: Heroes are free until level 5. Buying a hero fully unlocks their progression.
  • Q: Will we be able to buy the items in the packs individually?
  • A: The Firestorm Fog of War Shader, Vanguard Gold Army Accent, and Chicken Pet will not be sold individually in the in-game shop.

That sums up everything we know about the packs so far. They’re a good way to support Frost Giant and Stormgate, and get a few extra rewards.

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