Stormgate Reaches Half a Million Steam Wishlists

stormgate closed beta streamers

Frost Giant have been constantly asking fans to wishlist Stormgate on Steam and they’ve finally given us an update on the progress. In a post-Next Fest update, the studio revealed that Stormgate has reached half a million Steam wishlists!

Stormgate Now Has Over Half a Million Steam Wishlisters

As confirmed on Frost Giant’s StartEngine page, Stormgate has now hit over 500,000 Steam wishlists. This put the game (at the time of writing) at #37 in the overall Steam wishlists, making it undoubtedly one of the most popular upcoming games on the platform!

Wishlists are an important factor in Steam’s algorithm – essentially, the more wishlists a game has, the more it will be promoted. It’s a great way for games to get themselves in front of the wider Steam community, even in front of users who aren’t wishlisting the game or other similar games. Frost Giant have been pushing wishlisting for a while, so it’s great to see the community come out in such huge numbers to support the game.

However, just because the game has hit an impressive milestone, it doesn’t mean its time to slow down! Stormgate will continue to need support as it continues development, leading into early access this summer. Remember to wishlist the game on Steam if you haven’t already!

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