Official Stormgate eNovella Gives First Look at Lore

stormgate enovella lore

Rise up lore fanatics, a first look at the Stormgate story is here! Frost Giant have released chapter one of their Stormgate eNovella, Beyond The Brink, dubbed as an “early peek into the narrative and characters of this new universe.” Let’s take a look at what happens in the first chapter and what we can expect from the Stormgate story.

Stormgate Beyond The Brink – How it All Began

The Stormgate eNovella is being released in chapters, with the first being unveiled on Feb 4, followed by chapter two on Feb 5. So far the story seems to very much set the stage for Stormgate, introducing key characters in a timeline that looks to be building up to either the first Stormgate, or wherever we start in the in-game campaign.

We are quickly introduced to the first major character, Dr. Clive Cullin, who is in charge of the Sigma 6 operation somewhere in the Arctic. He is working on a mysterious artifact known as “the Key” while being plagued by strange whispers from an unknown voice – aptly named “the Whisperer. ” It seems his team believes they are saving the world, while Cullin aims to do anything but, with his mind set on saving a woman he loves – one that he’s “willing to sacrifice the world [for].”

However, before we find out any more, the novella dives back into the past, where we begin to learn about Cullin’s origins, including the woman he loves (presumably!) and how he became a part of Sigma 6 in the first place.

We recommend checking out the eNovella to get all the juicy details yourself. You can find each chapter on the official Stormgate website.

What is Sigma 6 & Why do They Need Stormgates?

Some Stormgate lore was already revealed way back in October 2022, and while the eNovella touches on it – we do already have some context for its story. To keep it brief, in a (not so) distant future, the earth is ravaged by crises like overpopulation, climate change, and extreme weather. To battle this, a group known as Sigma was created, putting the world’s best minds together to find solutions.

This group was split into specific sub-groups and the story of Stormgate focuses on Sigma 6. This team experimented with creating portals to new dimensions – known as Stormgates – in order to either save the world, or find a new world for humans to live on. However, this backfired and triggered the Infernal Host invasion of the earth – this is where the Stormgate eNovella story is, presumably, heading, although we’ll just have to wait and see to find out what exactly happened and why.

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