Stormgate Completes 1 Million Concurrent User Test With Hathora

While the Stormgate alpha is progressing nicely, there are definitely other things for Frost Giant to worry about. One of the most important are the game servers. If Stormgate is to become a success it needs to be able to handle a large player base, especially at launch when excitement for the game is at its highest. 

Luckily, things seem to be looking good for the game, as Frost Giant server hosting partner Hathora just completed an impressive test, showing they can help Stormgate support over 1 Million concurrent users. 

Who Are Hathora?

Hathora are a relatively new company, focusing on providing game developers with a powerful network that ensures the lowest latency possible. They do this by utilizing a technology known as serverless hosting. 

stormgate human gameplay
Stormgate Human Resistance gameplay.

Traditional game servers work in a fairly straightforward way. Servers are located around the world and players connect to the closest server, which have predefined parameters. However, Hathora’s serverless hosting works dynamically – the servers fire up when needed and start shutting down when not used. 

This makes hosting much more efficient, as you both aren’t left with servers running way below capacity and are more flexible when demand is high. This, combined with Hathora’s efficient routing means that Stormgate is in good hands. 

Hathora Tests Stormgate With 1 Million Concurrent Players

Hathora set out to ensure that they could handle a massive success for Stormgate and simulated a (extremely) successful launch day of 1 million concurrent users. 

stormgate infernal gameplay
Stormgate Infernal Host gameplay.

They began by simulating 1v1 games with a rate of 30 matches per second, which is around 100k per hour, and seeing how their system responded. As expected, they ran into a few headaches, but were able to iron out the issues, eventually supporting a concurrent player count of 1.1M. 

The details of the test are quite technical, so if you’re into that sort of thing, we’d recommend checking out Hathora’s blog post – and if not, all you really need to know is: Stormgate can now support many gamers. 

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