Stormgate Late Pledge Goes Live on Indiegogo

stormgate late pledge launches indiegogo2

After a successful Next Fest open week, Stormgate has returned to closed beta. This means you can only access the game if previously invited, or if you backed it on Kickstarter. Many fans have been desperate for a way back in, and Frost Giant have finally delivered.

Stormgate Late Pledge Offers Beta Access

A Stormgate late pledge has gone live on Indiegogo, allowing fans of the game to once again back it in exchange for rewards like in-game goodies and beta access. You’ll find just three options, Deluxe Founder’s Pack, Ultimate Founder’s Pack, and Collector’s Edition Box. Frost Giant have also confirmed that you will get beta access within 1-2 business days if you choose to back on Indiegogo.

Meanwhile, you will receive other rewards when indicated on the Indiegogo page. Some things like campaign missions will only come when they’re ready, which is likely to be during or after early access. However, it’s still a good way to both support Frost Giant and secure those goodies, especially if you’d want to buy them in the future anyway.

If you are going to make a late pledge just for beta access, remember that this phase of the beta only lasts until March 11. There will likely be at least one more closed beta phase before early access, however the date has not yet been revealed.

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