Stormgate PC Gamer Magazine: New Models, Art Teaser

stormgate pc gamer magazine

Stormgate has claimed the cover of the PC Gamer magazine January edition, dubbed as “The Year of The RTS.” Inside the magazine is all new art, comments from the Frost Giant team, as well as what looks to be a teaser of the in-game point of view. Let’s take a look!

New Stormgate Models and Characters

Let’s kick things off with the juicy stuff – new art! The Stormgate edition of the PC Gamer magazine brings us a couple of new models, including a mech with a minigun and a Human Resistance building concept art. 

Stormgate Minigun Mech

stormgate minigun mech

This looks to be a higher detailed version of the minigun mech we saw way back in June when Stormgate was first revealed. We saw it then from a top-down perspective fighting demons and now we can get a closer look at all its glory! 

Additionally, we can also see some ships flying in the background. It’s possible they are dropships or just fighters, but it’s hard to tell for now. Either way – there’s gonna be flying units! 

Stormgate Human Resistance Building Concept Art

stormgate building art

The building concept art shows quite a few details. Its overall feel is very much like Terran buildings in Starcraft 2, and we see the thought process in creating extra bits to make the building feel more alive, as well as an indicator showing that the building lights up when something is in production. 

Possible Stormgate In-game View

stormgate ingame view concept art

The Stormgate edition of the PC Gamer magazine also shows a top-down view of the Stormgate world. We see a minigun mech guarding a Human Resistance building on top of a ramp, as well a large Internal Host unit patrolling nearby. 

Clearly, this is a piece of concept art, but it does show a lot about the game, including the standard top-down view, ramps, and generally enforcing that the game will look like a traditional RTS.

Stormgate Giga Mech Art

stormgate giga mech

We also saw an extra bit of art of the Stormgate giga mech, which was featured in the December update, showing its massive scale compared to the minigun mech.

Statements from Tim & Tim

Both Tim Morten and Tim Campbell also gave statements inside the magazine. Things were pretty basic (mainly for non-RTS fans to learn about the game), however there were some juicy details! Most interestingly, Tim Campbell confirmed the insane power of SnowPlay – he claims that they have tested maps with around 1300 units, showing just how much the engine can handle.

There was also confirmation of campaign, which will at first focus on the Human Resistance and the Infernal Hosts, and then expand further. They also once again highlighted the social aspect, confirming multiplayer modes, including a 3vE (3 players vs ai) mode.

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