Stormgate MedTech In-game Model And Animation Revealed

Frost Giant are starting to build the hype for the PC Gamer gameplay reveal and we’re off to an exciting start. A brand new unit was revealed on Twitter, the MedTech, showing off its in-game model, an animation, and some art. 

MedTech In-game Model And Animation

Popular Starcraft 2 content creator Lowko revealed Stormgate’s MedTech on his Twitter on June 7, presumably as part of a promotion effort ahead of the gameplay reveal. 

The reveal comes in the form of a video, where the MedTech is standing idle and spinning in a circle to show it off from all angles. We can see what the unit looks like in-game, as well as its idle animation. 

What Does The MedTech Do?

No details have been revealed about the unit so far. Even Lowko’s tweet asks readers what they think the MedTech will do. However, based on its design and name, it’s clear that it will have some kind of healing ability and it may even be fairly tough, considering it’s a rather bulky mech.

It has green squares on the palms of each hand, which makes it seem that the MedTech will shoot out a healing beam from its palms. It also features a big container on its front, which likely contains whatever is used for healing, lore-wise. 

Considering the design it seems like the MedTech heals biological units, rather than other mechs. Although, nothing is confirmed yet so we’ll just have to wait for a full reveal (perhaps in the Stormgate gameplay video on June 11).

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